My Side of the Mountian

  • Sam noticed that there is like a mouse likving in his house or something!

    Sam saw that there was something living in his house!
  • There is somthing in Sams house

    Sam has found a hole in his door and trying to find out what is living in this house!
  • Sam founds out what is living in his house

    Sam at night found out what was living in his house its a mouse!
  • Sam took Frightful out

    Sam took Frightful out to go get a rabbit for Frightful for her!
  • Snow is melting

    The Snow is melting and the sun is starting to come out!
  • Sam done on his house

    I have not a exact date.
  • Bando was there

    I dont have the exact date.
  • My side of the mountian

    Sam leaves home
  • Strawberry Lady hung out with Sam

    Sam ment the Strawberry lady!
  • Sam gets a falcon

    Sam got the falcon he wanted
  • Sam learns how to season his food

    Sam learns how to season his food.
  • Barron atacts Sam

    The Barron weasel was jumping on Sam!
  • Frightful will jump to a stump

    Frightful can now jump to her stump.
  • Sam made a door

    Sam Made a door
  • Sam makes Deer Suit.

    Sam make his Deer suit so it will keeo him warm
  • Raft is almost done

    Bando and Sam are making a raft and its almost done.
  • Bando makes pottery

    Bando make pottery
  • Sam found out how to make a willow wistles

    Bando taught Sam how to make a willow wistles.
  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves and Sam feels lonley. Not exact date.
  • Sam is noticing that the animals are starting to change coats animals are hibornating

    Sam is noticing that the animals are starting to change coats animals are hibornating!
  • Baron Weasles coat is looking moldy

    The Baron Weasles is looking kinda moldy! He is changing coats fur
  • Sam gets clay for fire place

    Sam has clay for fireplace!
  • Sams fire place now works!

    Sam has worked on his fire place for a while now and now he got it to work!
  • Sams gatyhering nuts!

    Sams gathering nuts for Halloween.
  • Halloween

    Sam is having a Halloween party with Fright ful the bird and the animals!
  • Sam found out it Hunting Season

    Sam got woke up from a rifle shot in the mountains.
  • Sam is head to toe in deer skin

    Sam is dressed from head to toe in deer skin!
  • Sam learns that you can become friedns with the hunters

    Sam learns that the Hunter can be your friends if you us them right.
  • It almost Chirstmas

    Sam knows it is close to Chirstmas and is hoping Bando Comes!
  • Sam is still hoping for Bando to come

    Sam is still hoping that Bando will come because it Chirstmas eve!
  • About 4:30 Bando Finally came!

    About 4:30 Bando came and Sam got really happy and ran up to him and huged him.
  • Sams Dad came!

    Sams dad came to see Sam in the winter in the woods!
  • Dad leaves.

    Sams dad finally leaves!