My Side of the Mountian

By ryleigh
  • Sam runs away from his home.

    Exact date unknow. The book says "I left New York in May."
  • Sam's Tree House is done!

    His house is 6ft in diameter. He can lie down, sit, and stand in it!
  • The Strawberry Lady Visits Sam's Mountian

    Sam helped the lady pick strawberries then walked with her back to Delhi. Sam didn't want to help her, but he did! He went to visit Miss Turner at the library, and read a few books about hawks and falcons.
  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam picked the biggest of the nestlings. "The females are bigger than the males." Sam plans to train her to hunt food for him.
  • Sam made something

    Sam made some salt, to season his food!
  • Sam produces salt

    In mid-June, Sam made a salty flavoring by boiling hickory sticks dry. It made a thick, black substance. Sam is going to use it to make his food taste better!
  • Sam finished salt

    Sam finished the salt! Now he can use it to season his food!
  • Sam's bed is finished

    Sam's bed is made from ash slats covered with hemlock boughs.
  • Sam digs a pit for a deer trap

    Sam needs to kill a deer. He needs a door for his house, tethers for Frightful, and a blanket for warmth.
  • Sam and Bando work to complete a raft

    Sam wants a raft for fishing in some places he can't get to!
  • Sam's raft

    Sam's raft is almost done!
  • Really hot day

    To hot to be fireing clay pots, but Bando does it anyway! He fills the pots up with Jam!
  • Bando taught Sam

    Bando taught Sam how to make Willow whistels.
  • Sam is sad!

    Sam is sad, because Bando left!
  • Baron Weasel

    The Baron Weasel looked moldy.
  • Sam got clay

    Sam got clay for a fire place.
  • Sam got the fireplace well

    Sam got the fireplace well enough that it didn't full the tree with smoke!
  • Mountians

    Sam has been up, and down the mountain everyday! And he is collecting nuts with the squrriels.
  • Sam celebrates!

    Sam celebrates Halloween!
  • Sam's house got wrecked

    All the animals came and wrecked Sam's tree house. They stole his food and made a mess.
  • Sam awoke

    Sam got awaken by a shot from a rifle. Hunting Season hed started!
  • Sam dressed warm

    Sam is dressed head to toe in deerskin.
  • Wood

    Sam started getting wood for fires!
  • Hunters

    Hunters are excellent friends, if they are used correctly. Two weeks after Hunting Season!
  • Snow

    The snow begins!
  • Sam's first snowstorm

    Sam holed up in his tree home and ate turtle soup, and acorn pancakes.
  • Bando didn't come

    Sam was wondering if Bando was gonna come to see him!
  • Sam is worried

    Sam is worried that Bando might not come to visit!
  • Bando arrives

    Bando was still not at Sam's. At 4:30 that afternoon he arrived!
  • Sam's dad arrives

    Sam's dad arrives, with good news!
  • Sam's dad met someone

    Sam's dad met Frightful. Frightful also caught herself a phesant!
  • Bando leaves

    Bando has to leave to grade papers.
  • Sam's dad leaves

    Sam's dad went back to New York.
  • Sam hears something

    Sam heard somethung in his bedroom, he thinks it might be a mouse.
  • Sam made snow shoes

    Sam made snow shoes out of Ash sapling slats, he wittled them thin enough to bow, soaked them in water to make them bend easier, looped the two ends together, and wound them with hide. With his penknife he made holes an inch apart all around the loop. He strung deer hide crisscross through the loops, he made a loop of hide to hold his toes and straps to hold his shoes on!
  • Sam sees what is in his bedroom

    Sam sees the mouse and feeds him a nut meat!
  • Sam took Frightful out!

    Sam took Frightful out today, they went to the medow and somthing frighted Frightful. It was a Great Horned Owl!
  • Sam saw deer.

    The deer pressed all around Sam. They are hungry, they stamp out yards to feed on. Sam cuts down limbs for the deer to eat!
  • Great Horned Owls!

    Sam thinks the Great Horned Owls have eggs!
  • Great Horned Owl eggs!

    Sam found out that the Great Horned Owls do have eggs!
  • Spring

    The first day of Spring! Sam is excited!