My Side of the Mountain

Timeline created by redlingerb
  • Sam left home

    Exact date unknown for when Sam left home.
  • Last Winter

    The last winters date is unknown.
  • Sam has been working since.

    Exact date in May is unknown. In May, Sam was been working.
  • The King's Provider"

    Sam gets Frightful
  • Sam gets Frightful

    On June 6th, Sam gets Frightful to train her.
  • " I learn to season my food"

    " I finished my bed today. The ash slats work very well, and are quite springy and comfortable. The bed just fits in the right-hand of the tree.I have hemlock boughs on it now, but hope to have deer hide soon. I am making a figure-four trap as tall as me with a log on it that I can barely lift. It doesn't look workable. I wish there was another way of getting a deer."
  • Sam finishes his bed

    On June 19th, Sam finished his bed.
  • Sam decided to make a deer trap

    " I decided today to dig a pit to trap a deer, so I am whittling a shovel out of a board I found in the stream this morning. The stream is very useful. It has given me tin cans for pots, and now an oaken board for a shovel."
  • Sam says the raft is almost done.

    " The raft is almost done. Bando has promised to stay until we can sail out into the deep fishing holes"
  • Bando is firing clay jars

    " It's was a terribly hot day for Bando to be firing clay jars, but he stuck with it. They look jam-worthy, as he says, and we filled three of them tonight. The jam is good and the pots remind me of crude flower pots without the hole in the bottom. Some of the lids don't fit."
  • Bando taught Sam how to make willow whistles

    " Bando taught me how to make willow whistles today. "
  • Bando leaves

    Bando leaves Sam because he has to go home.
  • The Baron Weasel looked moldy

    " Today The Baron Weasel looked moldy. I coundn't get near enough to see what was wrong with him, but it occurs to me that he might be changing his summer fur for his white winter mantle. If he is, it is an itchy process. He scratches a lot."
  • Sam has been up and down the moutain every day for a week

    " I have been up and down the mountain every day for a week, watching to see if walnuts and hickory nuts are ripe."
  • Sam was head to toe in deerskin

    On November 23rd, Sam was head to toe in deerskin.
  • Sam says hunters are excellent friends if used correctly

    " Hunters are excellent friends if used correctly. Don't let them see you; but follow them closely."
  • Chapter 1 " I Hole Up in a Snowstorm"

    Snow begins
  • Snow begins

    On December 3rd snow begins to fall. Sam was surprised that it had snowed.
  • Chapter 1 " I Hole Up in a Snowstorm"

    Was the last winter. 8 months ago Sam ran away.
  • Bando returns

    On December 25th, It's Chirstmas and Bando returned today.
  • Sam took Frightful out

    " I took Frightful out today. We went to the meadow to catch a rabbit for her; as we passed one of the hemlocks near the edge of the grove, she pulled her feathers to her body and looked alarmed. I tried to find out what frightened her, but saw nothing."
  • Sam says the deer have pressed in all around me

    "The deer have pressed in all around me. They are hungry. Apparently they stamp out yards in the valleys where they feed during the dawn and dusk, but many of them climb back to the hemlockgrove to hide and sleep for the day. They manage the deep snows so effortlessly on those slender hooves."
  • Sam says i think the great horned owls have eggs!

    " I think the great horned owls have eggs! The mountain is white, the wind blows,the snow is hard packed, but spring is beginning in their hollow maple. I will climb it tomorrow."
  • Sam says yes yes yes yes. It is spring in the maple.

    "Yes, yes,yes,yes. It is spring in the maple."
  • First Day Of Spring

    March 20th 1960 was the first day of spring in 1960.
  • How old Sam is

    Sam is a 12-year-old boy.
  • How many siblings Sam has

    Sam has eight siblings. I think four brothers and four sisters.
  • How many pages are in my side of the mountain

    There are 177 pages in My Side Of The Mountain.
  • " June burstover the mountain"

    June 1st in 1960 is when " June burst over the mountain"
  • First Day Of Summer

    The First Day Of Summer was on June 21st 1960.
  • The First Day Of Autumn/ Fall

    The first day of autumn/ fall was on September 23rd 1960
  • Halloween

    What Sam did on Halloween was learn about it.
  • The First Day Of Winter

    The first day of winter was on December 22nd 1960.
  • When My Side Of The Mountain became a movie

    In 1969, My Side Of The Mountain became a movie.