My "School" in 2020

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    My "School's" Shift

    The next five years...
  • iZone Rollout Expands

    Through iZone interactive events, SMCOE and other "collective impact" partners continue to engage the Peninsula community, developing partnerships working on innovative redesign of learning for area students.
  • Peninsula Professional Learning Network (PPLN) launches

    iZone partners, including SMCOE, launch Peninsula Professional Learning Network (PPLN), both a regional consortium and a hybridized "learning space" solution (virtual learning environment, network of physical learning spaces, supports for synchronous/asynchronous, assembled/distributed interactions) that encourages and accelerates enhanced professional learning
  • iZone Learning Hubs initiative launches

    iZone engages community in design process to re-imagine and re-invent structures and roles of schools, districts, and the county office in the Peninsula area; effort results in the propagation of "community learning hub" designs as well as consolidation/integration of redundant services, increasing available resources for student learning
  • iZone Learning Hubs Phase 1 launch

    SMCOE building reopens as iZone Network Base, housing consolidated staff and services, providing collaborative workspace for other iZone collective impact partners, and providing learning and creative spaces for mobile learners and learning facilitators
  • iZone Community Partnerships Expand

    iZone partnerships with area corporations, including Facebook, Google, et al results in an array of cloud-based support solutions for students directing their own learning trajectories; my leadership role has evolved to be a Lead Facilitator for a network of "Student Learning Experience Facilitators".
  • iZone implements LearnCentric Convention Guidelines

    Legacy requirement conventions and structures (e.g., grade level groupings and promotions, seat time, etc., typically embedded in EdCode) disappear, replaced by the learner focused policies and guidelines developed by this convention of government, corporate, and citizen working group. Competency based progression, digital portfolios, mobile learning, affinity-based project-focused learning all highly evident, endorsed, supported.