My Reading Timeline

  • Starting Going Solo

    Starting Going Solo
    Today I started reading Going Solo.
  • Finishing Going Solo

    Finishing Going Solo
    I liked Going Solo because it tells me about when Roald Dahl joined the Air Force, also because it taught me some new things about the air force ex, That the Tiger-moth and Hurricane were a few of the planes he flew.As a Judge id give it five ۞۞۞۞۞, stars.
  • Starting Artemis Fowl

    Starting Artemis Fowl
    Today I started Artemis Fowl Eternity Code.
  • Finishing Artemis Fowl Eternity Code.

    Finishing Artemis Fowl Eternity Code.
    I like this book because it is action packed, it includes fairy gadgets and it has LEPrecon,'Lower Elements Police recon'.
    As a judge i'd give it five ۞۞۞۞۞, stars.
  • Starting Air Force.

    Starting Air Force.
    Today I started reading Air Force
  • Period: to

    Air foce Issure date to Expirey

    Oh no! Not enough time to finish!
  • Air force

    Air force
    Today I read 20 pages and so far it has a rating of four stars.
    I've learnt about a F-111 also known as the 'pig' to pilots, C-130 Hercules, Loadmasteres, A Caribou known as 'Bou' to pilots and Operation Timor.
  • Air Force

    Air Force
    I'm still reading air force but it is a really good book. I've learnt about some of the operations the RAAF did for example East Timor and one that included landing in a minefield.
  • Air force

    Air force
    Today I learnnt from the air force book about the PC-9 and it's Pratt and Whitney PT6A-62 turbo engines and how it is used by the RAAF at 2FTS (No 2 Fliight Training School). I've also learnt Sergent wilson jack Learnt at CFS (Central Flight School). And I've also learnt that at training the PC-9 has to be flown 4.5G's. Finally about the Herc TY-87 flying in operation Timor