My personal Timeline (1999~2012

By Sara J.
  • I was born. I saw my mom and dad.

    I saw the world. The best thing I saw was my mom and dad.
  • Period: to

    My life

    my life
  • I learned how to walk.

    I still drank my mom's milk but I learned how to walk.
  • I learned how to speak Korean.

    I learned how to speak simple words.
  • I hiked with my dad. He carried me.

    I walked normally. Yay.
    I also hiked with my dad. That is why I
    love to hike.
  • I went to Seoul Land and rode flying frog.

    I went to a big playground called Seoul Land. I had fun.
  • I spoke Korean fluently and ate Kim-chi.

    I ate Kim chi and started to speak fluently.
  • I went to first Nursery.

    I went to first nersery....yay
  • I went to Kindergarten.

    I went to first kindergarten and made friends.
  • I came to the Philippines.

    I rode the first air plane. It was very fun. Phillippine is very hot. I started to learn English in brent.
  • I visited My family in Korea.

    Second time to ride an air plane. I was glad to see my Family.
  • I made new friends and play piano.

    I made new friends from other countries. I also had piano lessons. Piano is fun~!
  • I became a main Character in christmas production.

    I became a main Character in christmas production. yay
  • Awesomeness today.

    I made new friends an time to first time to feel middle shcool. I learn chinese and Awesome computer!~~~ I just love how I live now.