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My Odyssey

  • Period: to

    My Odyssey

  • Kelsey Ponders

    Kelsey Ponders
    Kelsey sits... hopelessly bored in Pre-AP English class... "I NEED TO GET OUT!" she screams inside her mischevious little mind. She sits pondering...
  • (two seconds later)

    (two seconds later)
    "AHA!" Kelsey exclaims, "I'm thinking Arby's!" "...wait no," Kelsey says contradicting herself. What about GREECE?!
  • Kelsey applies for Passport

    Kelsey applies for Passport
    Kelsey goes to the post office and buys a passport for about $100.
  • Books flights and Hotels

    Books flights and Hotels
    Kelsey Books a round trip flight to Athens Greece out of Oklahoma City. departing at 4:33 on July 1st.
    returning at 9:30 on July 22nd.
    Overall, this flight costs about $642 Kelsey Also books the hotel in Athens she will be staying at...
    "Hotel Achilleas" for seven nights. This costs about $602. Next Kelsey Books the villa, "Primoula" for one night. This costs about 70 Euros. Lastly, Kelsey books the last hotel "Hotel Saturnia" for eight nights in Rome. This costs about $400.

    Kelsey is EXSTATIC to see her passport has arrived in the mail.
  • Converts Money

    Converts Money
    Kelsey has spent $1202 of her $4000 budget.
    She has $2798 left to convert into Euros.
    After her currency conversion she is left with 2,058 Euros.
  • Kelsey Packs for the trip

    Kelsey Packs for the trip
    Kelsey has TONS to pack. But she stuffs it into one bag so that she doesn't have to pay extra at the luggage check in.
    Besides the essentials, Kelsey packs;
    a camera
    a swimsuit
    an adaptable power outlet thingy
    a bunch of DRIED FOODS
    a sleeping bag
    a GPS
    and an inspector-gadget-language-detector so she doesn't have any trouble deciphering the different languages.
  • Kelsey heads off to the airport!

    Kelsey heads off to the airport!
    Kelsey arrives in OKC at 3:00. This gives her enough time to check in, get passed security, and have a few extra minutes before her plane leaves at 4:33 Yes... She DID have to get a pat down. Apparently... HAMBOOGUS are not allowed in your pocket at an airport.
  • Athens Arrival

    Athens Arrival
    Kelsey Arrives In Athens at 4:55. Fortuneatly, her hotel is right in the middle of Athens, so she can walk from the airport to her hotel room. She spends the rest of the day sleeping to catch up on the jet lag. Unfortuneatly... she never EXACTLY makes it to the hotel room.... that was a waste of a paid hotel room!
  • Explore

    For the first day, Kelsey decides to explore. She walks down the busy streets, tries some of the local "Gyros", and checks out the greek Hotties. Overall, she spends about 50 Euros.
  • History

    Today, Kelsey decides to start seeing the history. She discovers that you can buy a week pass for ALL of the old historical monuments for only 12 Euros! BARGAIN! Kelsey is excited, because this means she can spend more money on food tonight. She buys her ticket... and also a 5 course dinner. The dinner includes, Pitas, tzatiki, noodles, and LOTS of Feta Cheese. Today She spends another 50 Euros.
  • Parthenon

    With the Handy-dandy weekly bracelet she bought, Kelsey visits the Parthenon. Absorbing in rich culture, Kelsey is beginning to want to live here. As Kelsey stands trying to take a picture of herself, a young dashing lad from Sicily walks up and offers to take her picture. Kelsey, not wanting to pass up a chance to meet a dashing lad from Sicily, of course accepts the generous offer. The two hit it off and decide that tomorrow they will meet at the Temple of Zeus.
  • Temple Of Zeus

    Temple Of Zeus
    Wondering what Adonis could mean, Kelsey walks down the cobblestone street. On her way she passes many smokers (this seems to be a bad habit), hears many Kalimeras (good morning), and squeezes through many cars packed in traffic jams (has highest accident rate in Europe). The temple was BEAUTIFUL, especially when touring with Adonis.
    Kelsey spends no money today... Adonis buys her lunch and dinner C:
  • Acropolis

    The next day, Kelsey cannot see Adonis because he is working, so she goes to the Acropolis. It truely was amazing. She bought some pottery from a kiosk and had a great day. She only wished that Adonis could have been there. Today she spent 100 Euros
  • A day at the beach Kokino

    A day at the beach Kokino
    Adonis, now obviously in love with Kelsey, takes her to a nearby beach called Kokkino. 26 Kilometers away, Kelsey doesn't feel like walikng, so Adonis takes Kelsey on his mo-ped. The thrill was amazing. Once there Kelsey unloads her pack on the shore. As she turns around, Adonis is kneeling. "Kelsey," he says in his adoreable little accent, "I've just met you a few days ago, but I know you are the one for me." As Kelsey lets the floodgates go he asks her to marry him. "DUH!" Kelsey replies.
  • Hiking To Vikos Gorge

    Hiking To Vikos Gorge
    Vikos GorgeAfter a day of pure excitement at Kokkino Beach Kelsey decides to have a few days to be alone. Adonis (the hubby) stays in Athens as Kelsey ventures to complete her journey. She checks out of the hotel and loads up her stuff. She takes her belongings over to Adonis's house and tells him she will be back in three days. Kelsey catches a taxi to Vikos Gorge and decides to hike it.
    The Taxi costs approximately 314 Euros.
    She sets up camp, eats her DRIED food, and prepares to start the hike tomorrow
  • Starting the Hike

    Starting the Hike
    Kelsey Starts the hike of the monsterous Vikos Gorge.She's a little sore after sleeping on the ground, but she's glad she brought her camping bag. It is about a 6-8 hour hike, and at the end of it, Kelsey has a nice, warm, luxurious villa waiting for her.
  • Villa and Hike back

    Villa and Hike back
    Kelsey wakes up around noon and has a wonderful breakfast waiting for her. She takes this day to veg out and enjoy the mountains and then she starts todays hike. She hits her half way mark and sets up camp. She's excited to get home and see Adonis. This morning she woke up and Adonis left a message on her voicemail that said he had a surprise for her when she returns.
  • The final Stretch and Surprise

    The final Stretch and Surprise
    Kelsey wakes up and packs up ASAP she is excited to hear about her waiting surprise. When she gets home Adonis has all her stuff loaded in the car. "What is this?" Kelsey asks. "We're flying to Rome, TONIGHT!" Adonis says. Kelsey is drained, she doesn't really feel like moving, but she wants to go. Like a good fiance would, she screams for excitement and rides to the airport with Adonis. He pays for the entire round trip.
    Kelsey already has Hotel Saturnia booked for one week for $400.
  • First Day in Rome

    First Day in Rome
    Kelsey is sleeper... but of course Adonis is up at the crack of dawn wanting to see the world and banging on Kelsey's door. Kelsey drags herself out of bed and meets him downstairs for breakfast. Today, Adonis and Kelsey are going to walk around, shop, and go sight-seeing. Then tomorrow they will hit up the historical monuments. Today Kelsey spends about 150 euros on clothes and souveniers, including a hand drawn portrait of Adonis and herself.
  • Colliseum

    Kelsey finds that in Rome you can by an armband and get into all the historical monuments. Kelsey buys her and Adonis an armband for 18 euros. This means she has 1,468 euros left. They go to see the coliseum. Kelsey is amazed that she is standing on something so old. The two sit down to have a picnic lunch and take many pictures. They go to a very nice italian patio resteraunt a few blocks away, eat escargo, and Kelsey picks up the tab. Kelsey has 1,400 euros remaining.
  • Pantheon

    Adonis escorts Kelsey down the street. "There's a place I've always wanted to go," Adonis says. "Where is that?" Kelsey asks. "The pantheon," he replies. "I don't know why, I've just always wanted to go."
    So the two love birds walked down the street headed for the marvelous marvel. Today Kelsey buys Adonis some very nice gifts and is left with 1,200 Euros.
  • The Vatican Gardens

    The Vatican Gardens
    The Vatican Gardens are beautiful. so they decide to go. The catch a ride with some family friends and get to see the pope while in Vatican. They walk into the gardens and look around for a little while and then Adonis jumps up on a ledge and asks for everyone to be quiet. He pulls a guitar out of midair and serenades Kelsey. It was quite romantic and earned Adonis lots and lots of brownie points. C; Lunch and dinner cost 48 euros and kelsey spends another 22. (1330)
  • Trevi Fountain

    Trevi Fountain
    "There's a place I want to take you today" Adonis tells Kelsey at breakfast. "Oh really?" Kelsey asks. "yes, but I have to blindfold you to take you there." Adonis carries Kelsey out to the taxi, blindfolded, and teases Kelsey the whole ride. When the taxi cab stops Adonis takes Kelsey's blindfold off. "The Trevi Fountain!" She proclaims. "Yes," he says. "But neither of us need to throw coins in."
  • St. Peter's Basilica

    St. Peter's Basilica
    The next morning they drive up to St. Peter's Basilica. It is quite an interesting place and they have to go through extra precautions to make sure that their attire is acceptable; however, they get in and think the Cathedral is stupendous. They get to witness many priests worshipping and it was a life changing expreience. Adonis and Kelsey sit outside for a while and watch the sun set and then return home after some dinner. Kelsey has about 1300 Euros left after today.
  • The last day in Rome

    The last day in Rome
    This is the last day that Kelsey and Adonis are in Rome. So they decide that with all the money Kelsey has left over they are going to blow it and spend some quality time. Kelsey pretty much buys a moped that Matches Adonis's and has it shipped to her American Address. This whole shabang costst about 700 euros. Leaving Kelsey with 600 euros.
  • Last day Together

    Last day Together
    Early in the morning, feeling like P. DIddy, Adonis and Kelsey wake up and have to catch a flight. to Athens. Today is their last day together. The plane ride to Athens was quiet and unloading was too. What were they going to do? Was Kelsey supposed to go back home alone? The final conclusion was that tomorrow, Kelsey would return to America... alone; however, Adonis would fly into Oklahoma City the soonest fligh he could catch. Fingers crossed it wouldn't be too long. They had one more dinner.
  • Airport flight

    Airport flight
    Adonis and Kelsey drive to the airport. It's a tough goodbye but Adonis reassures Kelsey that they'll see each other as soon as he can catch a flight. Kelsey boards the plane with drippy eyes. It was officially the worst plane ride ever.
  • Kelsey lands in OKC

    Kelsey lands in OKC
    Kelsey lands in OKC and rushes home. How is she going to break the news to mom that she just got married. She decides that she'll wait til Adonis is in the states to say anything. And that's where Kelsey's Story ends... for now.