my life until now

Timeline created by _manuschaeffer
  • I was born

    I was born
    In the year I was born I started speaking and my hair started growing.
  • one year old

    one year old
    When I turned into one year old I started walking and my eye color changed from green to brown like is nowadays.
  • two years old

    two years old
    When I turned two I started learning and speaking english, also my teeth were all grown.
  • three years old

    three years old
    When I was three years old my I started dancing ballet, I also started getting long hair.
  • four years old

    four years old
    In the year I turned into four years old I moved to the school Instituto Ivoti, so I started learning german, also I started growing really fast (height).
  • five years old

    five years old
    This year I learned to write and read, and I got rid of my bangs.
  • six years old

    six years old
    When six years old I learned how to knit and got rid of my dermatitis.
  • seven years old

    seven years old
    That year I started riding my bike and my teeth started falling out.
  • eight years old

    eight years old
    I learned chess so I started playing in my school's team, and also got my first scar.
  • nine years old

    nine years old
    When I turned into nine years old, I started taking programming and design classes, also I broke my bone for the first time.
  • ten years old

    ten years old
    When ten years old I painted the bottom of my hair pink and also started learning robotics.
  • eleven years old

    eleven years old
    All my teeth were grown again and I started doing theater so it helped me to improve my social skills.
  • twelve years old

    twelve years old
    That year my social skills moved really backwards but that helped me improve my logic because I spent more time studying, and my height was 1,64cm.
  • thirteen years old

    thirteen years old
    When thirteen I started learning how to play piano and also reached 1,67cm.
  • fourteen years old

    fourteen years old
    This year I started dealing better with my crisis and cut my hair.