my life so far

  • Birth of a child

    Birth of a child
    I am born in a peaceful hospital in bankok thailand. I was born in a hospital called bumrungrad hospital. My mom was very happy.
  • Airplane....CRASH!!!

    when I was born not really about 1 year an airplane crashed to the world trade center. An airplane crashed through one of its buildings and another plane hit the other one. the building was a huge wreck.
  • gymboree!

    when i just started crawling i go to a kids gym to crawl and learn to do things. it was very fun. i crawled everywhere
  • walking

    i started walking when i was 1 year, 2 months old. it was a very late time for kids to walk. my mom was very surprised
  • first school

    my first school was chuyapruk school. it is a fun school and i like it. my memories of the school are gone.
  • Park place

    my second school was park place. It was a small school but i like it. I made lots of friends there.
  • south korea!

    south korea!
    I went to south korea for a six day trip. if found sheeps there. it was very cold there then.
  • TSUNAMI!!!

    A tsunami in indonesia hit thailand ferociously. It was a big was a very horryfying event in thailand.
  • moving schools

    imoved from parkplace to RIS. i moved because park place is changing campus. i was very sad.
  • asian games

    asian games
    an asian game happened in thailand. it was very exciting. people were watching all over thailand.
  • Quakes!

    Earthquake! it happened in haiti. thousands diein this horrifying event.
  • japan

    i went to japan for a 6 day trip. it was very fun. i went to lots of places.
  • Camping

    i went to summer camp at WungDume resort. It was very fun, we have lots activities. we slept in little houses with four in each house.
  • china!

    i went to china for a cool trip. i slept at grand hotels too. it was very fun.
  • the giant wave

    the giant wave
    A huge tsunami struck japan, millions die. Survivors suffer with no food or water. Lots of countries nearby were scared of the tsunami will come from japan.