My Life Past to Present

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on June 18, 1992 in Fairhope, Alabama.
  • Mom Married

    Mom Married
    My mom got remarried in April of 2000 to Brain Stewart.
  • Adam and Austin

    Adam and Austin
    My younger brothers are twins that were born in October 2001.
  • Moved

    We moved from Foley to Summerdale.
  • Moved

    We moved from Summerdale to Orange Beach.
  • Adam and Austin

    Adam and Austin
    The twins started their 1st year of school.
  • Lambert's

    I started my job at Lambert's and I am still there part-time.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated from Foley High School in 2010
  • South Alabama

    South Alabama
    I started college at the University of Alabama for Elementary Education.
  • Dustin

    I entered into a relationship with the guy I am with now. Dustin Mizell is a huge part of my life.