Ruby Bridges

Timeline created by TAGreen
  • Migration

    Ruby and her family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The Law

    The Law
    Ruling was made in Brown vs. Board of Education in favor of Linda Brown
  • Accepted or Nah ?

    Accepted or Nah ?
    When Ruby was in kindergarten, she was one of many African-American students in New Orleans who were chosen to take a test determining whether or not she could attend a white school .
    I can connect to this because the antipation Ruby felt was probably immeasurable. I felt this way when i was waiting to receive my letter to confirm that i had gotten accepted to Lasalle Intermediate Acdamy.
  • Where it all started ...

    Where it all started ...
    Ruby became the first African American child to integrate a white southern elementary school .
  • The News Spread

    The News Spread
    Ruby's father was fired from his job. The white owners of a grocery store directed Ruby and her family not to shop there anymore. Even her grandparents who lived in Mississippi suffered.
  • RBEF .

    RBEF .
    Ruby founds the Ruby Bridges Educational Foundation
  • Ruby, Ruby, and more Ruby !

    Ruby, Ruby, and more Ruby !
    The Story of Ruby Bridges is finally published.
  • Disney Hit

    Disney Hit
    The Disney movie Ruby Bridges airs on the Wonderful World of Disney.
  • Published Biography

    Published Biography
    "Through My Eyes", the book written by Ruby Bridges, is published.
  • Period: to

    Worth .

    Ruby's award lasted for 18 years, until she graduated from High School. She was abled to attend ANY schoold she wanted .
  • Period: to

    Accomplishment well done

    Ruby is still being talked about until this day.