My life evolution.

  • 1 year

    I started talking, and I started walking.
  • 2 years

    2 years
    I was able to hold the popsicle with just one hand, and prayed the holy angel alone.
  • 3 years

    3 years
    I held the bucket of water on the beach by myself, and spoke complete words
  • 4 years

    I started doing ballet and always danced a lot, and I already wrote some words.
  • 5 years

    I managed to turn into a star perfectly, which was a difficult thing for me, I already played board games.
  • 6 years

    6 years
    My first tooth fell, and I learned to read
  • 7 years

    I learned to climb trees by myself, and I learned to read a book by myself.
  • Period: to

    8-9 years

    I learned to play tennis, and I already took money for the school lunch, and I brought change (I knew how to count money)
  • 10 years

    I already performed on the ballet stage almost perfectly, without shame, I knew how to play the stop game on my own.
  • Period: to

    11-12 years

    I was already bodyboarding in the sea, and I was already participating in a science fair.
  • Period: to

    13- almost 14 years

    I do my nails perfectly on my own, I started doing tap dancing