My life

Timeline created by Tipo pantera negra
  • Birthday

    My birth, a special date for all of my family.
    My body formation.
  • 1 year

    1 year
    First birthday, had not many friends so it was with family and parents friends.
    Could speak one word, VU (granpa).
  • 2 years.

    2 years.
    Could speak a little mure words but, very limitaded.
    Entered in school.
  • 3 years

    3 years
    Made two big friends, Enzo and Vittorio.
    Was a little bit bigger in size.
  • 4 years

    4 years
    a lot of friends entered school like, Gabiella, Eduardo, Pedro, Giulia, Marina, Carol...
    Could speak a lot and was very speaker.
  • 5 years

    5 years
    Graduated myself in school, with other mates.
    Could play, and talk very well and already write my name.
  • 6 years

    6 years
    Entered Oswaldo Cruz with most of my friends of Gente moleque.
    Adapteded myself to new collegues.
  • 7 years

    7 years
    World cup year, I was very animated about watching with my friends at school. We drew countries that played logos for arts class.
  • 8 years

    8 years
    Very sad about Brazils 7x1 loss to germany and very happy with my friends.
  • 9 years

    9 years
    My best friend Arthur went out of school to florianópolis and I was very sad and cryed a lot.
    His last day with us was the olimpics desfile in fundação and we represented IENH carrying the flag.
  • 10 years

    10 years
  • 11 years

    11 years
    Went to disney and not good year in school as well.
  • 12 years

    12 years
    Went to bombinhas and not a good year in school.
  • 13 years

    13 years
    Pandemic around the world an quarantine