My Life

By Titchen
  • Birthday

    I was born at the Royal Hobart Hospital on the 29 of June 2000.
  • First birthday

    One year after i was born.
  • Moving House

    Moving House
    We moved house from Forest road- Earl street.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    First day at The Hutchins School.
  • Going to New Zealand

    Going to New Zealand
    Skiing on the snowy mountains of New Zealand.
  • Puppy

    Getting Charlie our dog.
  • Getting Free

    Getting Free
    We got sailing boat called Free.
  • Getting my Opti

    On my 10 birthday i got my Optimas sailing dingy.
  • Sailing around Hamilton Island

    My family went on a trip to Hamilton Island in Queensland we rented a sailing boat and sailed arround the islands.
  • Going to France

    Going to France
    We traveled to europe in the Holidays.
  • Going to England to visit my 100year old grandma

    Going to England to visit my 100year old grandma
    After going to Paris we got a train to london.
  • Sailing Opti Nationals Hobart

    Sailing Opti Nationals Hobart
    I participated in the Opti sailing nationals.
  • High School

    High School
    First day of High School.