My Life

  • Birth

    I was born April 12, 1991 at Phelps Hospital in Tarrytown, New York
  • Period: to


    Unhappy childhood Family is fighting a lot, father had to move out temporarily so house will be calmer. Started develop lifelong battle with depression and anxiety
  • Diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disability

    In 5th grade, I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability, and was placed in special education classes with kids whom had more severe and more obvious learning issues
  • Period: to

    Sent to Theraputic Boarding School

    I was sent to a theraputic boarding school in Conneticut for help with my learning disability and my growing depression and anxiety issues
  • Period: to

    Attended Private School in New Yrok

    Left boarding scvhool and began attending a private school in New York where I would graduate from in 2009
  • Period: to

    Attended Drexel University

    Attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, where I struggled with the school work and my depression. Ended up dropping out after just over a year
  • Attempted Suicide

    I tried to attempt sucide while drunk, but was talked out of it by a random pedestrian whom talked me out of it by sitting down and talking to me and convicing me that I had reason to live
  • Period: to

    Attended Community College

    Attended community college in New York, excelled in my academics and was acccepted in study abroad program in London
  • Period: to

    Worked at Met Council

    Volunteered at Metropolitan Council for Jewish Pverty and helped home over 70 families in my short time working there
  • Period: to

    Lived in London

    Lived in London and attended London Metropolitan University where I excelled both socialy and academically.
  • Began attending Colorado State

    Began attending Colorado State University as a transfer student hoping to obtain my Bachelor's in Social Work