My life

Timeline created by josefin
  • Baptized

    When I was two years old my parents baptized me
  • Birthday

    when I was six years old my parents had been celebrating a party of disguise
  • degree

    In 2000 I had finished my primary
  • Travel to Medellin

    Travel to Medellin
    When I was eighteen years old I traveled to Medellin
  • High school

    High school
    in 2006 I had been celebrating my grade of high school
  • Known friends

    Known friends
    I have met many friends at the U.P.C
  • Have baby

    Have baby
    I will have had children with a secret friend
  • Travel to other country

    Travel to other country
    I will have been traveling to Paris
  • Top Model

    Top Model
    I will be a top model of Victoria Secret
  • Around the world

     Around the world
    I will travel around the world