My Life

By domg32
  • Birth

    In Chilliwack , BC
  • Period: to


  • Moved from Chilliwack

    To Hythe AB
  • Arm Injury

    I was riding my quad and hit a jump , the front half of my body flew over the handle bars and there was a screw on the back of the handlebars, the screw punctured my arm needed 14 stiches ,
    still have scar today
  • Moved From Hythe , AB

    To Savona , BC
  • Skipped Grade 4

    Had a reading level of a grade 12 , they decided to skip me ahead which impacted my math
  • Moved From Savona

    To Chilliwack, B.C
  • Moved From Chilliwack

    To 100 Mile , BC
  • Moved From 100 Mile

    To Wiliams Lake , BC
  • Got My CORE

  • Present Day