My Life

  • When I Was Born

    I was born on March 13th 1997.
  • My Parents Got Divorced

    My Parents got divorced when I was 4
  • Starting Elementary School

    When I was five, I started Elementary school at Sugar Grove Elementary.
  • Moving to Florida

    We moved away from Avon, Indiana to Orange Park, Florida
  • Moving to Brownsburg

    After three years in Florida, we moved back to brownsburg
  • Starting BEMS

  • Mom Goes into the Hospital

    Mom gets really sick and has to go to the hospital for a few years, therefore almost dying
  • I Go into the Hospital

    I get really sick and have to go to the hospital for two weeks with my mother.
  • I Meet Jakob

    Jakob is a really big part of my life because for the past year, I was stuck in a relationship with him. He was abusive and made me into the person I was today.
  • I Let Jakob Go

    Finally, after months, I finally get up enough guts and tell Jakob I've had enough. I haven't regretted it since.
  • Starting Brownsburg High School