My learning process

  • Period: to

    Summer Semester 2012

  • JIM and Bitkom

    JIM and Bitkom
    JIM and Bitkom's outcomes were surprising for me and gave me new insights to the importance of the usage of new media in education.
  • E-Portfolio and Legal Aspects

    E-Portfolio and Legal Aspects
    I am glad I got to know Weebly since I will use it for further portfolios. It was also useful to get information about legal aspects regarding the usage of new media in lessons, especially when it comes to pictures, music or videos. I did not know that there are so many legal aspects, which are to be considered when using media in school.
  • Field Trip to MLS

    Field Trip to MLS
    As mentioned elsewhere in the portfolio, the field trip was a rewarding experience for me. See my appropriate portfolio section to get further information about it.
  • New tools

    New tools
    The thing that I am most happy about are the new tools that I got to know throughout the semester. I can not wait to use some of them in school and I have already made use of some in other seminars and presentations this semester (i.e. Timetoast or Wordle)
  • Teaching Ideas

    Teaching Ideas
    The VZL Materialsammlung offered some useful new tools, such as Historypin. For my thoughts about the teaching idea, see the appropriate portfolio section.
  • Own teaching plan and field trip to the Studienseminar

    Own teaching plan and field trip to the Studienseminar
    It was very useful to get the chance to share our thoughts about our own teaching plans with each other, including the smartboard, and the problems that came up during the planning. We could help each other out with most problems and also try out our teaching plan at the smartboards in the Studienseminar Marburg. It was also interesting to discover my possible future work place.
  • Evaluation

    Finally, my course evaluation helped me reflect on the entire semester and the progress I have made concerning the integration of new media in my lessons.