My growth!

By Isad²
  • 1 year

    1 year
    When I was 1 year, I learned to walk and I already looked at TV.
  • 2 years

    2 years
    When I was 2 years old I already spoke and have a lot of teeths.
  • 3 years

    3 years
    With 3 years I jumped from higher places and I play with my dolls.
  • 4 years

    4 years
    With 4 years I fantasized me of princess and create pranks.
  • 5 years

    5 years
    With 5 years I start going to school and I learned how to count.
  • 6 years

    6 years
    I start learning english and my teeths start to fall.
  • 7 years

    7 years
    With 7 years I start learning how to do a math calculation and I already created stories with my dolls.
  • 8 years

    8 years
    When I was 8 years I already know to read and I draw with more details.
  • 9 years

    9 years
    With 9 years I started wanting to be alone in my room watching videos and I take care of my dolls.
  • 10 years

    10 years
    I started doing calculation of times and I already organize my room.
  • 11 years

    11 years
    With 11 years I like to paint the nails and I have the ability to decorate multiplications.
  • 12 years

    12 years
    With 12 years I already know how to speak spanish and I knew how to move on internet with more facility.
  • 13 years

    13 years
    With 13 years I started helping my mom with my animals and I start having more responsibility.
  • 14 years

    14 years
    I already paint my nails lonely and I start organizing my things lonely.