My Exposure to Media

  • Television

    Year 2010 where we got our own house and buy our own television.
  • Computer Set

    Computer Set
    We buy a computer set in the year 2013 for my mother work because she is a teacher that time and I use it every time she is in her work.
  • Keypad Phone

    Keypad Phone
    Got my first phone where in that time the cellphones have their keypad.
  • iPad Mp3 Player

    iPad Mp3 Player
    Where first time I got exposed in the music world when we buy an iPad mp3 player
  • Tablet PC

    Tablet PC
    I got my my first tablet pc where I watch and play games everyday.
  • Laptop

    We buy Laptop that is needed in the work of my parents and in my schoolwork.
  • Present Cellphone

    Present Cellphone
    Year 2020 where I buy my phone that I am using right now.