My development

  • Birth

    I was born at January 31st of 2008.
  • First steps

    First steps
    With 11 months old I started to take my first steps and stand, using support or holding hands with someone, but I was already stopping crawling and practicing walking. (My family don't remember the day, so I put any just to represent)
  • First word

    First word
    With around 11, 12 months I spoke my first word. The word was "mommy".
  • Pacifier

    With 2 years old I stopped using the pacifier.
  • Gente Moleque

    Gente Moleque
    With 4 years, I entered my first school ever, Gente Moleque.
  • Ballet

    With 5 years (I guess) I started doing ballet classes.
  • Oswaldo Cruz

    Oswaldo Cruz
    My second school until nowadays was Oswaldo Cruz. I entered with 6 years.
  • Swimming

    I started doing swimming classes with my friend Manuela, we were around 6,7 years.
  • Fundação Evangélica

    Fundação Evangélica
    With 12 years I entered my third school of my life, Fundação.
  • Volleyball

    Now, with 13 years I started going on volleyball classes with some friends (I don't have a picture of me on the volley classes so I putted this one I took after the class)