My Colorguard/Winterguard Experience

  • My first taste of performing - Freshman year

    My first taste of performing - Freshman year
    I first performed with the Murphy High School Winterguard my freshman year of high school. The show was called "The Renaissance" because most of the members were freshman so this show symbolized a new beginning for this group. This year we won 5th place at the world championships. There were over 30 groups in our class. We were also put into the Winterguard hall of fame for such a wonderful show.
  • Sophomore year

    Sophomore year
    My second year in the Murphy Winterguard was even better than the first. Our show was called "The Glance". We learned the first part of the show then reversed the entire thing for the end of the show. It symbolized Déjà vu.
  • Junior year

    Junior year
    This year are show was called "If You Could Read My Mind". It was a really emotional show. The song was by Johny Cash and it was one of the five songs that he wrote before he died. It was a beautiful show.
  • Senior year

    Senior year
    MHS Winterguard 2008<br>
    This show was the most intense show that we've done. The show was titled "Libre Me". We wore our hair in Mohawks and had dark makeup on. It was suppose to symbolize anger. This was definitely my favorite show.
  • USA Colorguard 2009

    USA Colorguard 2009
    This was the first year that USA has had a Marching Band and Football team. I am proud to say that I was a member of the colorguard during their very first season! MAKING HISTORY USACG09:)
  • USA Colorguard 2010

    USA Colorguard 2010
    It just keeps getting better I've gained some amazing friends and i've learned new skills. The USA Colorguard has become my home away from home.
  • USA Colorguard 2011 - My Last Year

    USA Colorguard 2011 - My Last Year
    As much as I love performing, this will be my last year. I need to focus more on work and school. I plan on making this the best year ever! USACG11 :)