my career path

  • i was born

  • Period: to


    my Nanny has had an influence on me ever since I was born. She has always incoraged me to achieve what I wont and has usualy supported my opinions on my future carrear
  • moved

    I moved to 24 loring crecent markham ontario canada
  • grade 1

    I started grade 1
  • grade 2

    I started grade 2
  • grade 3

    I started grade 3
  • grade 4

    I started grade 4
  • grade 5

    I started grade 5
  • grade 6

    I started grade 6
  • grade 7

    I started grade 7
  • L.I.T

    was in a lider in training program for two weeks
  • grade 8

    I started grade 8
  • C.I.T.

    I was in a counstor in training program for a month
  • grade 9

    I started grade 9
    I also changed from elementry school to highschool
  • italian wine basket

    I completed my italian wine basket drawing
  • grade 10

    I started grade 10
  • Period: to


    explored the process of spring powered propulsion units
  • clacksaphone

    I hand built my first instrument from bamboo.
    it was hollowed out by the use of a metal stake that was heated over a stove top burner
  • Period: to

    the heart

    do research and perform experiments on prosthetic hearts
  • Period: to


    perform research and tests on the effects of magnets on living organisums
  • Period: to


    experiment with combustion propellants
  • Period: to


    experiment and build an efficient electric motor
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • Period: to


    met m1
  • Period: to

    acids and bases

    perform research and tests to better understand acids and bases
  • Period: to


    perform research and tests on cloning plants
  • perpetual motion

    completion of various experiments on perpetual motion
  • electricity

    completion of an electric generator
  • grade 11

    I started grade 11
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • grade 12

    I started grade 12
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • university

    i attend first year university
  • m2 and g2

    I recieve my m2 and g2
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • university 2

    I attend second year of university
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • university 3

    I attend third year university
  • Period: to


    get a job
  • transportation

    completed blueprint of an electric powered car
  • university 4

    I attend my forth year of university