My Brother Sam is Dead

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  • Sam comes home

    Sam comes home
    Sam comes home, and reveals to his family he's a soldier. His family was surprised to see him, but his father wasn't glad to here that he was a rebel.
  • The Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War
    The Revolutionary War begins. Sam Meeker decides to join the army.
  • Period: to

    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Sam steal from hif father

    Sam steal from hif father
    Sam steals Brown Bess from father. He needs some support for the way to Massachusetts
  • Tim & Life traveling

    Tim & Life traveling
    Tim and Life Meeker go to Verplancks Point to trade for things. They came and visited the Platts, and had a long travel.
  • The British are coming!

    The British are coming!
    Tim the local blackman tells Captain Betts that the British troops are marching in. The British take the 3 of them to see if they are the rebel leaders.
  • Life Meeker's Death

    Life Meeker's Death
    Life Meeker was taken prisoner on a prison ship. He died because there was a disease that went all around.
  • Tim & Sam meet

    Tim & Sam meet
    Sam comes home and he is really happy to be there. He givies them the news of the cattle thieves that would be coming aroung spring time.
  • The Break-Out Plan

    The Break-Out Plan
    3 days before Sam's death, Tim,and Betsy try to free Sam from prison. Tim was close to killing the guard,but his plan back fired.
  • Sam's Death

    Sam's Death
    Sam gets shot after he was acused of stealing cattle. Tim is trying to set him free before he was about to get shot.
  • The Victory

    The Victory
    The patriots win the Revolutionary War. The Britsh left rule under America.