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My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Historical event 1: Lexington & Concord

    Lexington & Concord was the first official battle of the American Revolution. The Rebel militia was able to fight off the British & chase them out of Boston.
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    My Brother Sam is Dead

  • Sam comes home & says he wants to join the Rebel army

    Sam tells his family he's going to war on the Patriot side, although the whole family is Tory.
  • Sam steals his father's gun & runs away

    Father didn't approve of Sam going to war, so he didn't let him take the gun. Later Sam sneaks back into the house & steals the gun for himself.
  • Continental officers come looking for supplies

    Continentals come into the tavern looking for weapons & supplies for the army. When Father says he doesn't have a gun anymore, the officers almost kill him & mother.
  • Mr. Heron wants Tim to deliver "letters" for him

    Mr. Heron comes into the tavern & asks Tim to deliever some business letters.
  • Historical Event 2: Mr. Heron was an actual double agent in the war

    In real life, Mr. Heron rode back & forth from the different sides on his horse named Bradley.
    He was known more of a Patriot, becaue he delivered information of little importance to the British, & sent information to the Americans that was far more useful.
  • Historical Event 5: Declaration of Independance signed

  • Trip to Verplancks Point

    Tim & Father go to Verplancks to sell & trade goods for the tavern.
  • Father is captured by cowboys

    Father rode ahead of Tim to look out for the cowboys. After a couple turns, Father went out once more, but didn't come back.
  • Historical Event 3: Battle of Trenton

    Washington lead his army across the Deleware River. They surprise attacked the Hessian camp the morning after Christmas.
  • British troops stop in Redding

    They camp out at a field across from the tavern. People from all over the tow come to gaze at them. Some British officers go into Mr. Heron's house, & when they come out, they send some troops to capture Captain Betts, Jerry Sanford, & other people in the house.
  • Mother & Tim find out Father is dead

    They hear from another person who was on the same prison ship as Father that he died of cholera.
  • Sam is taken as a cattle theif

  • Sam's trial

  • Historical Event 4: Treaty of Alliance

    The Frech join allies with the Americans during the Battle of Saratoga.
  • Tim attempts to rescue Sam

    Tim takes the bayonet & starts going toward the encampment where Sam is held. He doesn't succeed at freeing Sam.
  • Sam is excecuted