Music Video Consumption

By forbez4
  • Radio

    The radio was invented in 1895 but was mainly used for news and nothing more at the time. it was during the time of the 1920's, music was introduced to radio stations. people would sit at home at listen to the songs being played on the radio station even though there were not many radio stations at the birth of the radio.
  • Cassette's

    Cassette tapes were intorduced along with cassette players which made listening to music a lot easier for people as they could play their favourite songs in the comfort of their own home whenever they wanted.
  • CD (Compact Disc)

    CD (Compact Disc)
    CD's were made for much easier digital recording and made cassettes less popular as the Compact disc was more popular and had a better sound quality.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    When the internet first came out, it was very popular and it was an easier way of finding out information. Nowadays, you can access the internet from anywhere in the world and has become a part of most peoples lives.
  • MP3 Player

    MP3 Player
    This device allowed the consumption of free and portable digital music. People loved the MP3 Player as it was a lot more portable than a cassette player or radio as the MP3 Player is pocket size and the songs do not take up any physical space.
  • iTunes

    Apple launched an online music shop called iTunes where your digital music can be bought and stored all in one place. People loved the idea of iTunes as buying music couldn't have been simpler and all of their music they had bought coudl be stored on their computer or iPod.
  • YouTube

    Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform on the internet and keeps all videos in one place, on one website. It has improved peoples music video consumption as the videos are easily accessible as they are on a public website that everyone can access.