Music History

  • 500-1400 Medieval Era

    500-1400 Medieval Era
    Medieval Era was western music. This music was sacred and secular. It uses string instruments. There was different genres such as liturgical genre and polyphonic genre.
  • 1600-1760 Baroque Era

    1600-1760 Baroque Era
    This was a style of western art music. During this period composers made changes in musical notation and developed new instrumental techniques. Some vocal genres were opera, zarzyela, masque, and oractario. Instrumental genres include chorale composition and concerto grosso.
  • 1400-1600 Renaissance Era

    1400-1600 Renaissance Era
    Renaissance music was written in Europe. Characteristics of Renaissance music are music based on modesm richer texture, blending rather than contrasting, and harmony with creater concern. The main genres during this time were masses and motets.
  • 1750-1830 Classical

    1750-1830 Classical
    Classical brought many changes in the style of music performance and music construction. Is is described as "Rococo" or "Galante". It developed the modern concerto, symphony, sonata, trio, and quartet.
  • 1830-1860 Early Romantic

    1830-1860 Early Romantic
    This era brought musical characterisctics tjat emphasized lyricism, chromatic themes, long sequences, chromatic harmonic color, and instrumental color. It was the golden age of virtuso. The emotional of music, the harmonic vocabulary, and number of instruments widened. The music usually had a storyline attached to it. Sometimes a tragic or despairing of nature sounds(ex. galloping horses).
  • 1860-1920 Late Romantic

    1860-1920 Late Romantic
    This period had many changes in style. Contrast in loud/soft volume, heavy light articulation, thick/thin texture, dark/light sonority and much more. During this era composers shared a similar tendency towards allowing their natural inspiration free rein.
  • 1900- Present Contemporary Period

    1900- Present Contemporary Period
    This is era is also known as " modern" or as the "20th century". The style has a variety of musical characteristics. Some characteristics are fragmented melodies, dissonance wide ranges of expressions, range demands, speacial effect sounds, and linear melodic lines. It marked various new kinds of symphonic music and many new kinds of popular music.