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Timeline created by Jill Hanks
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  • Eight Track Player in the Truck

    Eight Track Player in the Truck
    We rode around with no seat belts and listened to Johnny Cash on the eight track.
  • Record Player

    Record Player
    My brother and I used to listen to my dad's old records on his record player. We loved Aerosmith.
  • Boom Box

    Boom Box
    I got a boombox for Christmas when I was 8. I took it to school and my friends and I listened to it at recess.
  • Tiffany Cassette

    Tiffany Cassette
    This was my first tape I got with my boom box.
  • Michael Jackson Cassette

    Michael Jackson Cassette
    I did chores for my mom, dad, and grandparents forever to save up enough money to buy this gem.
  • Cassette Walkman

    Cassette Walkman
    Who would have thought that carrying around a huge boombox was inconvenient? I had this EXACT walkman.
  • Casette/CD Combo

    Casette/CD Combo
    When CDs came out, you coudn't just throw all your good tapes away.
  • CD Walkman

    CD Walkman
    I got a CD Walkman for my birthday one year. It was awesome not to have to rewind tapes to hear your favorite song again.
  • iPod

    I loved my pink iPod and it didn't skip when you walked.
  • iPhone

    I can listen to any song just by asking Siri. My phone even connects automatically to my speakers at home and in my car.