Music technology since 1980

  • Sony Walkman

    At sony, a genious once thought why not combine Sony and Walkman together to create the very first portable music device. any people thought that it was anti-social so it had two headphone sockets
  • First compact disc invented

    CDs changed the way we listened forever. Instead of having a massive record that just took up space you could now have a much smaller disc thanks to laser technology
  • iTunes on Macintosh

    In 2001 history was made as iTunes was first released. It enabled people to download music for the very first time.
  • Apple iPod

    Around 8 months after iTunes was released Apple create the first iPod which was the most revelotionary thing to happen to music since the first Sony Walkman. It made music even ore portable than ever.
  • YouTube

    YouTube finalised the digital age of music. Artists could put their own songs up for people to listen to. It became so popular that Google brought it in 2006
  • Apple iPhone

    The first iPhone just put the icing on the cake for the digital age. It also lead to many other companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony to create smartphones that performed computer tasks
  • SoundCloud

    SoundCloud was invented in Berlin, Germany and allowed musicians to post their usic to it and recieve comments from other people about their opinion of the music. Some bands have now become successful because of SoundCloud
  • Spotify

    Spotify takes us up to the most recent times. It allows users to pay a certian amount a month to listen to unlimited music.