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Music Storage

  • Phonograph

    First form of storing and recording music, invented by Thomas Edison.
  • Graphophone

    An improved version of the phonograph, invented by Alexander Graham Bell
  • Gramophone

    Often is called a phonograph, even though it has usually got a flat spinning disk, and phonograph has a spinning cylinder.
  • Vinyl Record

    Vinyl Record
    The first vinyl record was created by Peter Carl Goldmark with Columbia Records
  • Cassette Tapes

    Cassette Tapes
    First cassette tape was invented by the Dutch company Philips by Lou Ottens.
  • 8- Track Tape

    8- Track Tape
    Invented by Bill Lear, founder of Lear Industries, it was first created in 1964
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    The first floppy disks were read only, what they are is a flexible magnetic disk in a case created by IBM
  • CDs

    The Compact Disc (CD) was invented by Philips in 1982
  • MP3

    Originally developed in the early 80s by Karlheinz Bradenburg, but never went mainstream until the 90s
  • Streaming Platforms

    Streaming Platforms
    People were able to have devices where you can stream any music you like without downloading files or paying.