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  • Phonautograph

    Phonautograph is the first music recorder device ever invented. It was invented by a Frenchman called Edouard-Leon Scott de Marteville and he invented it around 1850's. Thsi device records the images from the sounds and itss tracing the squiggles in black soot coating suface.It also create a a graphic record opf the motions of the diagram of the music playing.This device inspired the others to do more music for entertainment and there was a lot of people who got inspired and want to improved it
  • Phonograph

    The phongraph i just like the phonautograph but a man called Thomas Edison extended it. He makes the sound of the music just clearer for people to hear. Its created by imposible materials such as tin foil lead and etc. Its deisigned with a cylindar top and vertically body. What it does is it replay the record by a tracing needle that makes the groove of the music and it amplifies it. The disadvantages of this device's cylinder
    has a mass of productiion. It played 'Mary had a little lamb"
  • Gramophone

    Aroung 1887 A woman called Emile Berliner pantented the gramophone. Its a lot similar to phonograph but the insert disc of it is round and they called vinyl. Its one of the pupular device before a lot of people would buy it. It sometimes break easily.Both Phonograph and Gramophone started around 1870s and 1880s until 1980. Instead of recording by a many work what it does is the the vibration of the music stylus was going across width meaning the depth of the groove remained still.
  • Electrical Recorder

    Electrical Recorder
    In 1925 the phonographdisc was not produce but they invented an electrical recorder in the same year. The electric recorder was invented by Thomas Edison. This device improved the quality of the reocrd it turn to a disc but more like vinyl to put in he Gramophon. Those days that this was use has a technology failure like if there was a mistake the recording would be useless and they need to do it all over again. A lot of music studios using it and alot of artist back then use this.
  • Magnetic Recording

    Magnetic Recording
    This device is a a medium magnetic recording its made of magnetizable coating on a long, narrow stip of plastic film. It was invented by a German lad called Fritz Plfleumer.and invented somewhere around 1928.It was used for everything for music or even to say a message during war times. It saved a lot of people throughout the war well sodiers. they would record a message and they would send it to where location of the soldiers or for a very important person.
  • Multitrack recording

    Multitrack recording
    This device is made by German Engineers in 1943. Ots divided into a multiple tracks parallel with each other. They are carried on the same medium and they need to be sycronized or else the music would be ruined. People also use this as a message recorder or communication. In war times people would record they message and then send to their love ones or just a message. People also use this for music. A lot of the artist or bands like The beattl use this back then and a lot of people enjoyed it
  • Hard Disk

    Hard Disk
    Hard diskk was invented in in 1953 by a IBM team led called Rey Jonson. He was lknow as the Father of the disks. Hardisk is used for many things and its populars for computer. When it started It hol about 5 or 20 megabytes in early 70s to 80s. Since computer was made it can hold too how many bytes you need. Hard disk Can also hold music and its called album, and also movies. Its still popular today they keep this as a memory
  • Analog Magnetic tape.

    Analog Magnetic tape.
    Analog magnetic tape is similar to the original magnetic tape but the size is different. it introduce noise in a high quality and it usually called "hiss". It has the same material of magnetic particle in the tape. The good thing about is that you can also record messages in it and listen to music..People amuse as one of the great music technology until now they kept it for the future and also to hear the messages they got in the early year.They dont use it today because they stop producing them
  • Digital Audio Tape

    Digital Audio Tape
    Its a tape introduce by Sony in 1987. its a signal recording and playback just like the others but its medium. Its the same as the compact audio cassette using 4mm magnetic with a protective strong plastic covering it. In 1990s people in audio recording industry would emerge this device to change their industry and too make people use it more. Iy can put lots of music tracks and its a possible for the audio to remain first ad converter after he mic preamp and change it to a CD player.