Music project 2

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    Beginning of Christmas Carol

    A majority of music historians believe that the very first carols were sung in 129 AD in france. This carols is referred to as "Angel hymn."
  • Period: 600 to 700


    Wassailing is the ancient tradition of drinking ale or cider to began the new year in hopes of having a great year. The most interesting item of this tradition is that when this tradition was first introduced the lord of the manner would be the only person to drink and everyone in the house would celebrate both the new year and him drinking. However, Wassailing are people that travel, house to house singing christmas carols. They originally started off as beggars and don't have a founding date
  • Period: 800 to 1000

    Latin carol sequences

    Latin carol sequences for Christmas carols were introduced around the 9th and 10th century. These carols were created by North european monasteries but mostly growing under Bernard of Clairvaux.
  • Period: 1226 to 1230

    Singing Carols in Churches

    Carols were began to be sung in churches when St Francis of Assisi began to create church christmas carols and sing in churches himself.
  • Period: 1400 to

    Carols and other holidays

    Carols were originally sung on all holidays and not just christmas but during 1400-1600 the carols began sung on other holidays withered out.
  • 1426

    Native christmas carols are sung.

    Officially, very first christmas carols sung in native languages began when english christmas carols were sung wassailers. A captain by the name of John Awdlay made a song book called carols of christmas.
  • The banning of singing carols in England

    The banning of singing carols in England occurred under the rule of King Charles the first. However, he is not the reason at all. in 1644 the British parliament was mostly controlled by protestants. Protestants viewed christmas as a gateway to transforming England to Catholic fold. So, while King Charles the first was busy dealing with a civil war the British parliament passed a law that prevents making Christmas a holiday and prevents caroling.
  • Popular tunes and Christmas music

    After the ban on christmas was lifted, a christmas caroling renaissance occurred and popular tunes became incorporated into christmas music.