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Music of Louis Armstrong

  • School Drop Out

    School Drop Out
    Drops out of Fisk School for Boys and stars to earn a living singing on the streets. Joe "King" Oliver, teaches him how to play the cornet.
  • 1st Cornet

    1st Cornet
    Armstrong gets a loan from his Jewish Family he moved in with. Buys his 1st Cornet.
  • Lessons

    Takes Cornet lessons.
  • 1st Gig

    1st Gig
    Return to live with his Mother. Gets 1st gig at a Night Club.
  • 1st Band

    1st Band
    Plays Brass Bands on the riverboats of New Orelands.
  • Kid ory Band.

     Kid ory Band.
    Playes with the Kid Ory Band.
  • Tuxedo Brass Band

    Tuxedo Brass Band
    Became 2nd trumprt for the Tuxedo Brass band.
  • Sheet Music

    Sheet Music
    Learns to read sheet music.
  • Creole Jazz Band

    Creole Jazz Band
    Joins Creole Jazz band in Chicago.
  • Hoagy

    Meets Hoagy Carmichael.
  • Fletcher Henderson

    Fletcher Henderson
    Joins Fletcher Henderson Band in Harmel.
  • Hot 5

    Hot 5
    Forms Hot 5 band.
  • Louis Armstrong and the Stompers

    Louis Armstrong and the Stompers
    Forms the Louis Armstrong and the Stompers band.
  • Cotton Club

    Cotton Club
    Plays at the New Cotton Club.
  • Ex-Flame

    Appears in his first movie called Ex-Flame.
  • Recording Artist

    Recording Artist
    Records with the Mills Brothers, Louis Jordan and Tommey Porsey.
  • Pennies

    Appears in the movie Pennies from Heaven with Bing Crosby.
  • Radio

    Becomes the 1st Black to host an international sponcered radio broadcast.
  • All-Stars

    Armstrong forms a six piece group called the all-stars.
  • LP Charts

    LP Charts
    Reaches the top 10 of the LP charts with "Satchmo" at symphony hall.
  • Ghana's Independance

    Ghana's Independance
    Plays at a concert for Ghana's Independance, which was attended by more than 100,000 Louis Armstrong fans.
  • Health Problems

    Health Problems
    Heart Attack effects his music career.
  • Records his last hit.

    Records his last hit.
    Records his last hit, what a wonderful world.
  • Hello Dolly

    Hello Dolly
    Appears in the movie Hello Dolly with Batbra Streisand.
  • Death

    Dies on July 6 1971 at Corona, Queens NY.