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music in the 90's

  • 1990

    musically we do not find in the 1990 playlist many great songs that have gone down in history as in other years. we can highlight the animated u can't Touch This'
  • 1991

    Alternative rock moved from the underground to the mainstream, this space so hated by rockers themselves. smells like teen spitit is one of the hymns of the nineties was hit by nevermind among others
  • 1992

    the melancholic tone of 1992 was combined with lively rhythms that also reached the top of the music charts, such as the famous jump around or baby got back. Also billy ray currys wanted to talk to us about something sad in achy breaky heart but he did it with a rhythm that made the skeleton move
  • 1993 voz femenina

    1993 voz femenina
    the music appears with a female voice after mariah has been successfully presented the american singer mariah care reached the top with music box. Another singer who has 1993 recorded in her biography is Janet Jackson who won the Grammy award for best song RyB for That 'thel way it goes' since then the radios have a female voice thanks to the group 4 non blondes
  • 1995

    here we find britpop is a subgenre of rock that emerged in the nineties with strong influences from groups, also numerous female bands such as the spice girls, all saints, vogue or destiny's child there was one that achieved a special success TLC acronym for tionne 《T -Boz》 watkin lisa López and Rozonda 《chilli》 tomas TLC
  • 1996

    In 1996 the punk rock group the Ramones said goodbye to the stage and the Nintendo 64 was released to compete with the play station. jayz published his first album
  • 1997

    In 1997 rapper The Notorius B.I.G., many times named the greatest rapper in history and the king of East Coast rap, was killed in a shooting. On the radiohead side, it had another great year in 1997.
  • 1998

    It is not a year that produced a lot of hits. old glories like cher or Aerosmith got important numbers one and new artists like shania Twain hit the music charts with force.
  • 1999 la vida loca.

    1999 la vida loca.
    To the rhythm of 'All star or' mambo No.5 the world danced to the end of the century. sounds of eurodance came from the unforgettable "blue" that everyone who has been a child in the nineties remembers. This year, AMERICAN PIE is released, a jewel of pop culture of those years and that has survived the passage of time
  • 2000 todos los géneros

    2000 todos los géneros
    in this year emblematic songs were released in all musical genres throughout the decade, pop was imposed as the dominant music. The success was both for artists who had already been working for a long time, such as Beyonce and Britney Spears, as well as for new and incipient artists such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.