Music History Timeline 1

  • Period: 500 to 1450

    Medieval Period

  • 1030

    Guido of Arezzo's "Micrologus"

    Developed the hexachord system and the 4 line staff
  • Period: 1098 to 1179

    Hildegard of Bingen

  • 1323

    Ars Nova Treatise

    Also known as "new art". Included rhythmic notation.
  • Period: 1450 to

    Renaissance Period

  • 1485

    Josquin's "Ave Maria... virgo serena" Motet

  • 1529

    Martin Luther Chorale "Ein feste Burg" (A Mighty Fortress)

  • 1538

    Arcadelt Madrigal "Il bianco e dolce cigno"

  • 1567

    Palestrina "Pope Marcellus" Mass

    Palestrina supposedly created this to prove to the pope and the catholic church that polyphony could be beautiful.
  • Victoria "Missa O Magnum Mysterium"

  • Gabrieli "Sonata Pian e Forte"

    This was performed at St. Mark's Cathedral. It featured dynamics, which was very new. The instruments used were the cornetto and sackbut.