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  • 6,000 BCE

    First musical competitions

    Sparta, Argos, and Paros held the first documented musical competition in history.
  • 5,000 BCE

    First Aulos Instrument

    First Aulos Instrument
    The Aulos was somewhat like a flute. It was a wind instrument that was usually played at parties. It was first made from bone but the material has now mainly changed to things like copper and bronze
  • 4,000 BCE

    Musical Entertainment

    Along with the greeks having colosseums for entertainment music was played during dramas and more events. Comedies were also followed by music to add effect. Besides instruments there was a chorus in the colosseum that consisted of 24 singers.
  • 2,000 BCE

    The Lyre

    The lyre was associated with the greek god Hermes. It was believed that he made the lyre out of a tortoise's shell and guts along with a reed. The myth is that Hermes stole Apollo's cattle and Apollo would let him go free if he traded the cattle for the lyre.
  • 30


    The romans created a new instrument called the Hydraulis. The hydraulis It's like a water pipe organ that worked with water pressure, Not many people used the hydraulis but the wealthy.
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    Lyra and Cithara

    The romans had a lyra that was basically a remake of Greece's lyre. Later on in the years the Cithara started to replace the lyra. The Cithara was like Greece's lyre but larger and used a wooden box instead. It could also be tuned.
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    The Lute

    The lute was fairly similar to the kithara and lyre but it was easier for the Romans to play. It has three strings.
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    Rome's different music types

    Romans had folk music and it was usually played on the streets in some of the bigger cities. The Romans also had what they called military music. They used specific instruments to represent offensive, retreat or victory.