Music History

  • Period: 500 to 1450

    Medieval Music Era

    During this time, a lot of music was focused on the church. The music was chanted and written out on large sheets of paper to be sung in churches.
  • 1030

    Guido of Arezzo's Micrologus

    Guido used staff notation and sight singing,
  • Period: 1098 to 1179

    Hildegard of Bingen

    One of the most important composers of the Medieval period. She was also the first female composer.
  • 1323

    Ars Nova

    It replaces Ars Antiqua (old art) and made a major reformation to the way we look at notation for our music.
  • Period: 1450 to

    Renaissance Music Era

    Music changed drastically in this era from the era before.
  • 1485

    Josquin’s Ave Maria ... virgo serena Motet

    This was sometimes known as the "Mona Lisa" of renaissance music.
  • 1529

    Martin Luther Chorale Ein feste burg (A Mighty Fortress..)

    This was Martin Luther's most famous chorale. It became an anthem for reformation.
  • 1538

    Arcadelt Madrigal Il bianco e dolce cigno

  • 1567

    Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass

    This became a model for present-day textbooks on the subject of counterpoints. it also introduced the Palestrina arch which is featured a lot in this piece.
  • 1572

    Victoria Missa O magnum mysterium

  • Gabrieli Sonata pian’e forte

    This piece is significant for two reasons. It was the first work of music to specify dynamic control and to specify all of the voices in the piece with instruments.