Music Devices

  • Record player

    Record player
    The Record player in 1877 was called Phonograp.
  • Gramophone

    A phonograph, the first device for recording and
    replaying sound.
  • Radio

    The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, esp. those carrying sound messages.
  • walk man

    walk man
    A trademark used for a pocket-sized cassette player, compact disk player, radio, or combined unit with lightweight earphones
  • Cd player

    Cd player
    Software that plays CD discs( this is one of the first cd player)
  • portable cassette player

    portable cassette player
    electronic equipment for playing cassettes (and you are able to carry and bring it with you)
  • ipod shuffle

    ipod shuffle
    The iPod is a portable music player, you can not see what song is playing and you can the songs by the botton on the front.
  • ipod touch

    ipod touch
    A mobile device that combines wireless Internet connectivity with the company's ubiquitous iPod music player functionality, it is a touch screen and you can get music videos on it.
  • iphone

    A cell phone now has a music player/downloader and therefore people are now just buying a iphone for the phone and thw music device.