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  • start of jazz music

    start of jazz music
    Jazz started in New Orleans in the early 1900s. It spread widley and opened up opportunities for musicians in Chicago and in the Midwest. Due to prohibition the speakeasies was a great opportunity for musicians to perform thier music. (date not given)
  • Period: to

    jazz music

  • Louis Armstrong

     Louis Armstrong
    Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th in New Orleans, Louisiana and in his teens, he played the cornet.Furthermore,King Oliver asked Louis Armstrong to play in his band in Chicago at the Chicago Lincoln Garden this was an important moment in Louis's life. He admired King and joined him.(date not given)
  • Gennett Record

    Gennett Record
    In Richmond, Indiana Gennett Records started to record jazz groups who played in Chicago. The first group they recorded was the Rythem Kings in New Orleans and also recorded King Olivers Creol Jazz Band.(date not given)
  • The Charleston

    The Charleston
    The Charleston dance had become popular in 1923, but was performed in the black communities in 1903. It became popular because it appeared in the broadway musical "Runnin' Wild". The Charleston is usually done on ragtime jazz and includes swaying of arms and fast movement of feet and can be done individually, in partners or groups.(date not given)
  • Louis in New York

    Louis in New York
    Louis decided to move to New York and Joined Fletcher Henderson's big band and switched from a cornet to a trumpet.(date not given)
  • Louis back in Chicago

    Louis back in Chicago
    In 1925 Louis came back to Chigaco, recorded his "Hot Five" as a band leader.
  • Introduction of Scat singing and West End Blues

    Introduction of Scat singing and West End Blues
    In 1928 Louis performed and recorded his music. He recorded a song named Heebie Jeebies and its tune intoduced Scat singing; substitution of syllables for words, saound like intrument. Also introduced the West End Blues; Composition of 12-bars. Further- more many people were getting familiar with his music.(dat not given)
  • Louis Armstrongs first Broadway Appearence, Intorduction of pop music

    Louis Armstrongs first Broadway Appearence, Intorduction of pop music
    In 1929 Louis, for the first time had his boradway appearence and his song "Ain't Misbehavin'" introduced pop music.(date not given)