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  • 1950's - information from Wikipedia

    1950's - information from Wikipedia
    Australian music was influenced a lot by the US, because of its ties with the military. For example, Little Richard and Ricky Nelson were very popular. Rock 'n' Roll came in, and it fitted in well the the changing image of Australia's popular culture. By the end of this decade, rock 'n' roll was the most popular source of entertainment for young Australians. The main mediun for music was the radio, as many people could not afford televisions yet.
  • 1960's - information from Wikipedia

    1960's - information from Wikipedia
    Australian music was still strongly reflecting American culture. In 1962, Australia experienced 'the Twist' fad, and following that 'the Stomp' fad. 'The Stomp' reflected surf culture, which was becoming a big part of Australian culture after being brought over by Americans. One of the biggest bands of the surf genre - the Beach Boys - toured to Australia and were very successful. This was the decade that T.V competition shows became popular, and also brought the Beatles and other British acts.
  • 1970's - information from Wikipedia

    1970's - information from Wikipedia
    There was a boom in Australian music acts - Master Apprentices, Spectrum, ACDC and Daddy Cool were some of the most successful bands of this decade. The surf culture genre was still popular, but Australia was introduced to a new style of music: soft rock, which came to Australia through the Beatles. The Australian music industry also started making its mark overseas, with the band Skyhooks touring the States, and ACDC travelling to Britian to perform.
  • 1980's - information from Wikipedia

    1980's - information from Wikipedia
    This decade saw the dominance of the hugely popular Australian Pub Rock, typified by Cold Chisel, Ice House and Men at Work, to name a few. Songs by these artists were reaching the top of the U.S music charts, and MTV was launched in 1981. Artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson were both quite popular in Australia, and they had a major influence on Australian music in terms of the topics of songs being produced and the style of music. They also introduced music videos.
  • 1990's - information from Wikipedia

    1990's - information from Wikipedia
    The 1990's saw the rebirth of music festivals, this trend being set off by the first 'Big Day Out' in Sydney in 1992. Pop music became a huge obsession, with the Australian pop band Savage Garden becoming the U.S#1 with their single 'Truly Madly Deeply'. This decade also saw the rise in popular Australian music and videos for young children, for example The Wiggles and Hi-5.
  • 2000's - information from Wikipedia

    2000's - information from Wikipedia
    Reality T.V gained commercial success with Channel 7's new show Popstars, and Channel 10's Australian Idol. Music acts like Powderfinger, Delta Goodrem, Missy Higgins and Ben Lee became popular and the radio station Triple J's Hottest 100 became the most popular music poll with more than 500,000 votes placed. The Australian hip-hop phase began, with the Hilltop Hoods becoming the first Australian hip-hop album to reach the top of the ARIA charts.