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Mush 11 Timeline

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    16. Nation of Islam

    (dates are Malcolm X's years in the group and the most popular) Elijah Muammad started the group under the belief that Allah will come and support blacks who were fighting for their freedom. The nation attracted ex-criminals such as Malcom X. It had another famous member in Muhammad Ali who spread awareness of the group. The group was peaceful and would choose jail over war. Malcom X left the nation in 1964 and was assassinated a year later.
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    Kennedy's Presidency

  • Period: to

    The New Frontier

  • Kennedy-Nixon Debate

  • 1960 Election

  • Peace Corps Proposed

  • Alliance for Progress Proposed

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    Warren Court Rules on Rights of the Accused

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

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    Berlin Crisis

  • The Other America Published

  • John Glenn Orbits the Earth

  • Baker vs. Carr

  • Engel vs. Vitale

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    Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Kennedy Assassination

  • 16. Birmingham Confrontation

    16. Birmingham Confrontation
    King Jr. led a demonstration and was arreseted along with all other protestors. The police used dogs and fire hoses to control the crowds. While in jail King wrote Letter From Birmingham City Jail. The protest led to lunch counters being integrated and more blacks being hired. White racists leader bombed the 16th St Baptist Church where the demonstration started.
  • Equal Pay Act Passed

  • 16. Murder of Medgar Evers

    16. Murder of Medgar Evers
    Occured in Meridian Mississippi. Medgar rallied hundreds of kids in Mississippi. He was an African-Amercan civil rights activists, who was shot in his driveway by a white man.
  • 16. March on Washington

    16. March on Washington
    Martin Luther King and John Lewis led a march from Washinton Monument to Lincoln Mmemorial. zlewis gave a controversal, conservative speech followed by King giving his famous "I have a dream" speech. This was the first major event that led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • 16. 16th St Church Bombing

    16. 16th St Church Bombing
    This location was targeted for a bombing by the KKK because it was the start of Birmingham Confrontation. The bomb killed 4 and wouned 15 others. The African American community's lack of violent response symbolized their peaceful protest to gain voting rights which they desperately needed for their own safety.
  • Johnson Sworn In

  • Warren Commission Formed

  • Economic Opportunity Act Passed

  • Great Society Proposed

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    16. Freedom Summer

    In Philadelphia Mississippi, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Micheal Schwermer went missing. Their abscene brought more attention because two of the three were white. The attention helped create the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party by motvating blakcs to want the right to vote to save their children
  • 16. Civil Rights Act of 1964

    16. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    1. All people must be treated equally in all public places.
    2. Must be given the same standards for voting and right to jury in a trial.
    3. Money and support were given to programs supporting integration.
  • 16. 1964 Democratic National Convention

    16. 1964 Democratic National Convention
    A conflict arose from the differences between the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the white democrats who both wanted to represent Mississippi. Johnson ended up cutting the TV time down and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party earned two seats in the House. This was important because they were starting to gain political power. Although they were offered the two seats the party ended up turning them down.
  • 1964 Election

  • 16. The Selma March

    16. The Selma March
    In Selma Alababam African Americans still wanted voting rights. The racist town leaders tried to keep the African Americans out of the town. The changes that Johnson was making were starting to strain the racist leaders views. King Jr. organized a march of 600 people across the bridge where police waited for them. The police brutally attacked the marchers, but the attacks also became national news bringing more attention and support to the cause. Johnson then proposed the Voting Rights Act of 65
  • Medicare and Medicaid Passed

  • 16. Government Investigations

    16. Government Investigations
    There were two major investigations, done into the issue of racial segregation, by the government. The first was the McCone Commission looked into the issue of protest vs. Riot in 1965. The Kerner Commission was appointed on July 28, 1967 to look into the causes of the race riots.
  • 16. SNCC Changes

    16. SNCC Changes
    This group of young, aggressive yet non-violent activists broke off form the SCLC. In 1966 the SNCC changed leaders to Stokely Carmichael. The ideas of the group grew from their base in Greenwood Mississippi. Carmichael was the man who coined the idea of Black Power.
  • 16. Rise of Black Power

    16. Rise of Black Power
    The rise of black power was a major split in the civil rights movement. Black power fought more with anger and violence then the peaceful protests of Martin Luther King Jr. Stokely Carnichael started the movement under the motto “what we gonna start sayin now is black power!”. The rise of black power became infamous with Jesse Owens victory at the Olympics in Berlin.
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    16. Rise of the Black Panthers

    Lead by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale the Black Panthers used their ten point plan and spread the idea of “black is beautiful” to start a movement of black pride. The group started as a protection against police brutality in black neighborhoods, but the ideology of the group changed making it difficult for members to stay in tune with the group’s goals. The group used some communist and socialist doctrine, and was seen as a violent group towards the police.