Munsey From sussex

  • Orgian: English, french

    Orgian: English, french
    Munsey is a name of ancient Norman origin. It arrived in England with the Norman conquest of 1066. The Munsey family lived in Sussex. The name, however, is a reference to the family’s place of residence prior to the Norman conquest of England in 1066, Monceaux, Normandy.
  • Spelling variations

    Spelling variations
    Spelling variations of my family name inlude: Moncey, Monels, Munson, Muncy, Muncie and many more.
  • Motto

    Motto: always prepared
    The motto was originally a war cry or slogan. Mottoes first began to be shown with arms in the 14th and 15th centuries, but were not in the general use until the 17th century. Thus the oldest coats of arms generally do not include a motto. Mottoes seldom form part of the grant of arms: Under most heraldic authorities, a motto is an optional component of the coat of arms, and can be added to or changed at will; many families have chosen not the display a motto
  • What stuff on the crest mean

    What stuff on the crest mean
    Code of arms: flowing
    Shield: continental
    Helmet: chevalier
    Banner: N
    Fonts: Bernhard modern bold
    Shield Crest: Lion passant PC
    Shield: Ermine
    Gold: generosity and elevation of the mind
    Red: warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity

    Blue: truth and loyalty
    Dragon: Valiant defender of treasure; valour and protection
    Lion: Bravery, strength, ferocity, and valour
  • First record of the name Munsey

    First record of the name Munsey
    The first record of the munsey name in america is 1697
  • History

    First found in Sussex where they held a family seat as lords of the manor of Herstmonceux. They were descended from the ancient lords of maers and monceaux, counts of nevers in Normandy. They were granted lands in Sussex and those branches, retaining the name monceaux became the lords of monsoon the viscounts castlemaine, and the lords sondes. Another branch moved north into comberland soon after the conquest: Hammond monceauz was sheriff of coumberland in 1290, and it is there that the mounsey
  • The great Migration

    The great Migration
    Because of this political and religious unrest within English society, many people decided to immigrate to the colonies. Families left for Ireland, North America, and Australia in enormous numbers, traveling at high cost in extremely inhospitable conditions. The new world in particular was a desirable destination, but the long voyage caused many to arrive sick and starving, those who made it, though, were welcomed by opportunities far greater than they had know at home in England.
  • The great Migration End

    The great Migration End
    many of these families went on to make important contributions to the emerging nations of Canada and the united states. Analysis of immigration records indicates that some of the first North American immigrants bore the name Munsey or a variant listed above: Margret Mouncey, who settled in Pennsylvania in 1697; jean mouncy who settled in Charles town South Carolina in 1772; Joseph Monsey, who arrived in Ontario in 1871.
  • Custom coat of arms

    Custom coat of arms
    Blue: truth and loyalty
    Black: constancy or grief
    Red: Warrior or martyr; military strength and magnanimity
    Green: Hope, joy and loyalty in love
    Gold: Generosity and elevation of the mind
    Dragon: Valiant defender of treasure; valour and protection
  • Why this crest fits me

    Why this crest fits me
    This crest fits me cause I display mostly all of thoes characteristics
    and I like they way it looks
  • Motto

    Motto: Always unprepared
    I made this motto because I always for get stuff way to much and I never bring all my stuff to places I need them.