Multimedia project inventions and events.

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    Multimedia Projects and Events

    The process of how the projects for this comes to be more technological and advanced
  • Machine differential

    Charles Babbage gives the idea of the machine differential precursor of the computer
  • Color TV

    John Logie Baird shows the first color television broadcast.

    Used in labs for investigation on the army of the United States
  • OXO

    Alexander S. Douglas. Was a version of an electronic game of three lines was first videogame on history
  • The Optical Disk

    David Paul Gregg
    Inventor of the optical disk although it was done on 1958 was shown until 1961
  • Hypertext

    In the project of Xanadu was proposed the hypertext. Its a text that is shown in the screen of an electronic device the conducts to another text
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    The floppy disk or flexible disk was invented by Alan Shugart
  • Cellular

    The first record is about the mobile phone company Motorola DynaTAC 8000X with its model. The model was designed by engineer Rudy Krolopp Motorola
  • WWW

    Creation of the World Wide Web (www). Information distribution system based on hypertext or hypermedia linked and accessible through the English Internet.Creado by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau Belgian
  • IPOD

    Steve Jobs presents the first ipod on history
  • iPAD

    Electronic device is a Tablet PC developed by Apple Inc. It is located in a category between a "smart phone" and a laptop