Muisc Technology Timeline

  • Carbon Microphone

    The worlds first microphone was invented by Thomas Edison. It was a Carbon Microphone. Though it was mainly used for telephones at the time, it would help to shape what we know as microhpones today.
  • Wax Clyinder

    Wax Clyinder
    The first format is invented by Thomas Edison. It made use of grooves engraved into a wac cylinder, and when it was played back using a fine needle, it would play the imprint that the vibrations made.
  • Period: to

    Analogue Recording

    Analogue recording was the only way to record sounds until advances in computers during the later half of the 20th Century. formats included tracking vibrations onto wax cylinders and into the grooves of vinyl records.
  • Vinyl Record

    Vinyl Record
    The first form of Vinyl record is created by Emile Berliner which was a 7 inch disc which span at 70RPM, which picked up the grooves with imprints of the vibrations that were recorded onto it. The Vinyl Record would remain a popular format until the later stages of the 20th Century, with the introduction of the the Cassette Tape and the Compact Disc.
  • RCA Photophone Type PB-31

    The first ribbon microphone is invetned, and would be revolutionary for audio recording and broadcasts.
  • Electric Guitars

    The first modern electric guitar is porduced. It was the Rickenbacker (a.k.a The Frying Pan). It used a single pick-up to take the vibrations of the strings and amplify them. Electric Guitars became useful and popular during the 30's and the 40's, when musicians began to play in clubs, where it was difficult for them to be heard. Amplifiers and PA systems were invented to boost the volume of these musicians.
  • Hammond Organ

    The Hammond Organ is introduced and would become one of the most popular instruments, being used across a wide variety of genres, from Rock n Roll and Psychedelic to Gospel.
  • Recording Tape

    Recording Tape
    The first form of recording tape was very expensive and bulky, and was not ideal to use for recording session on a tight budget. A tape player uses magnetic tape with imprints to replay what is recorded.
  • Drum Kit

    during the early parts of the 20th Century, Jazz was a popular form of music. It involved alot of imporivsation from all the instruments involved. Jazz musicians were the first to put together what we see as the drum kit, which would consist of a snare drum, a bass drum and a cymbal.
  • Multi-Track Recording

    Multi-Track Recording
    The first from of multi-track recording arrived in 1955 with Reel to Reel recording. It allowed for multiple recordings from differant sources on the same tape, which saved time and money.
  • Compact Cassette Tape

    Compact Cassette Tape
    The Compact Cassete Tape was an improved and cheaper version of the its bigger predecesors. The Cassette would be a popular format until the introduction of the Compact Disc.
  • Moog Modular

    Robert Moog creates the first known synthesizer, with limitless capabilities. It used Oscilators to create sound waves, which would then be shaped by by Filters and Envelopes.Synths have been used in a wide range of genres, with some artists soley using them.
  • Shure SM58

    the Shure SM58 is produced and has become one of the most reliable microphones for performers. Its durability made it popular, and its ability to amplify sound well also added to its fame.
  • Compact Disc

    Compact Disc
    the modern Compact Disc was made commercially available in 1982, but was being developed by Sony and Phillips during the 1970's.
  • Period: to

    Digital Recording

    Digital Recording took over from Analogue recording in the later stages of the 20th Century with advancments in computing. Increase memory and processing power allowed for better quality recordings than analogue.
  • Period: to

    Home Recording

    Access to hardware that allows home recording have become cheaper and popular since the 90's, allowing anyone to be a top producer or artist, while not having to spend alot of money on numerous items.
  • Digital Formats

    The first digital format was the MPEG which began development in 1988 and was made available to the public in 1993.
  • Portable Music

    Portable Music
    the first iPod was made available to the public in 2001. The Apple iPod was revolutionary as it allowed people to take their music collection anywhere they wanted.