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By jelskij
  • MTV Debut

    MTV Debut
    Mtv debuts as Music Television at 12:00 am and launched with the words "Ladies and Gentleman, rock and roll. The first music video shown on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles.
  • MTV Premieres 1st Black Artist's video

    MTV Premieres 1st Black Artist's video
    MTV premiered Michael Jackson's "Beat It" which was the first music video shown on TV by a black artist. After having controversies that MTV would not play videos by black artists.
  • MTV 1st VMA's

    MTV 1st VMA's
    The first MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) aired in 1984.
  • VH1 Launch

    VH1 Launch
    MTV launched a second network called Video Hits 1. It was created to change the genre of music, it was to include more hip-hop and rap.
  • The Real World

    The Real World
    MTV's first reality tv series The Real World aired. Where strangers were picked to live together and work together.
  • is launched on the internet. A whole new era to more MTV news, videos, and shows started in 1994.
  • Road Rules

    Road Rules
    A spin off of The Real World, Road Rules was when six strangers are forced to live in an RV traveling location to location guided with a set of clues and missons to complete at each location.
  • MTV in the Big Apple

    MTV in the Big Apple
    MTV moves their broadcasting studios to Times Square in NYC. They launch "MTV live" where they aire "Total Request Live"(TRL). This show showed the top rated videos in the nation counting down and also having guest performers.
  • Period: to

    MTV: Changed Network

    MTV in the last decade has changed the original idea of playin music videos 24/7 to more of a network including videos still, music news, award shows, and reality shows. Especially the more popular shows, The Osbournes, Laguna Beach, The Real World, and Jersey Shore to name a few.
  • TRL aired off

    TRL aired off
    TRL is canceled and now replaced with other music video shows. This also includes more interviews and performances with top artists in the industry.