MP, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, 343, Fiction

  • Chapters 1-3, Pages 1-45

    Keith Clayton is one of the towns policemen trying to live up to his families expectations. He is at a low point in his life after Beth divorced him for cheating on her after having a kid in high school together. Keith discovers Logan, a former marine walking into his town with a dog, Zues and is suspicious. Later Keith gets a call that Logan has a picture of his ex-wife (Beth). Beth is doing her best to be a good mom to Ben and support her grandma who raised her. 883
  • Chapters 3-6, Pages 45-61

    Logan is in search for Beth who's picture he found on one of his three tours in the marines. Ever since he found the picture he had incredible luck escaping things he should have died in. He tried to find the owner of the picture but no one claimed it. He feels he needs to find her to thank her and he is kind of in love with her. Beth wants to find a man who will treat her right and Keith holds Ben above her saying he'll take him away if she finds another man although they're divorced. 899
  • Chapters 6-9, Pages 61-94

    One day at the dog kennel Beth and her grandma own Logan walks up and she is suspicious of him because he walked to this small town from Colorado looking for work at a dog kennel. The real reason he is here is for her but he can't tell her. When she finds out he's a marine she goes inside and her grandma takes over because her brother died as a marine. To Beth's displeasure Nana hires him. Beth stays away from him while he searches for ways to tell her about the picture. 932
  • Chapters 9-15, Pages 94-167

    Nana leaves to visit her sister and Beth and Logan start to get to know each other. She starts falling for him and knows he likes her. Beth's brother died as a marine and he lost her picture (the one Logan has before he died) and it makes Logan feel guilty because he has it so he can't find a way to tell her. While Ben's at his dads house he comes home early and Keith see's Logan and gets mad because he's at Beths house. 1005
  • Chapters 15-19, Pages 167-210

    Logan is suspicious when his house gets broken into but nothing is stolen and tells beth about his theory about Keith trying to run off her boyfriends. This makes sense to Beth since she would have a relationship with guys and then they would stop calling. Logan and Beth go on dates and are getting serious. 1048
  • Chapters 19-24, Pages 210-259

    Since Keith had messed with Beth's previous relationships, Logan goes to his house and tells him he won't ruin it for them. Ketih feels very angry but is scared of Logan. Logan is paranoid Keith will do something. At church Logan plays piano during Nana's solo and Keith's grandfather tells him what a good guy he is, making Keith mad. Keith's partner recognizes Logan at church and tells Keith Logan was showing Beth's picture around. Keith gets mad. 1097
  • Chapters 24-32, Pages 259-290

    Keith tells Beth about how Logan hasn't been honest with her and about the picture he has. He makes it seem like Logan was obsessed. Beth confronts Logan about it and won't let Logan explain that he felt like he owed her somehow because while he had the picture he stayed alive through things he shouldn't have. 1128
  • Chapters 3232-38, Pages 290-343

    After Beth confronts Logan she says she never wants to see him again, Nana tells her she needs to let him explain. She goes to his house and Ketih is spying on them so after they make up and Logan explains Keith follows Beth home and freaks out. Keith is trying to say if she still sees Logan he's taking Ben, Ben runs away and falls in the creek which is flooded. Zues gets Ben out, Keith and Logan try to save Ben, Keith dies. Logan and Beth are finally together forever. 1181