Movie Timeline

  • Linz, Austria

    Hitler was born
  • Linz, Austria

    Hitler has a sad childhood
  • Austria

    Hitler's mother died
  • Vienna

    He become a painter in vienna, but the jews won't buy his paintings and he started to hate the jews
  • Belgium

    Start of war, Austrian arduke assasination
    Hitler became corporal
    It was shown that he love his germany so much, hated the jews and was abusive
    Hitler receive the medal for being a brave as runner
  • Belgium

    He was gassed at war
    His eyes were treated in Pasewalk military hospital
    He was temporary blinded
  • Pasewalk Military Hospital

    The war comes to end and the german empire falls
    Hitler got shocked and was angry that they lost the war
    Hitler realized his goals
  • Munich, Germany

    Defience of communist
    Hitler started to listen the german workers party
    He wants to destroy the eliminate
  • German workers party

    Hitler become speaking in the german workers party
    He convinced people that jews are the one they should destroy
  • German workers party

    More people listen to Hitler and his speeches
    German workers party grows because of him
    He became a fiery speaker that hated Jews
    He want to drive the jews out of the country
  • Munich, Germany

    German's economy is rebuilding
    Foreigners started to come to Germany
  • Munich, Germany

    Hitler became known. He want to destroy the communist party that was run by Jews.Nazi was formed. He made his own "trademark"(the mustache). Ernst support hitler and made hitler made his symbol (it means unconquerable). Ernst make hitler has the chance of speaking to the rich people and persuade them to join with him, reqruite more people to join him.
  • Munich, Germany

    He become the leader of the Nationalist socialist party.
    Want to start a revolution.
    He want Gerlich, the famous and brilliant reporter to write for the nationalist socialist party.
    Want Kahr to join him with keeping his supporters quiet as requirement.
  • Burgerbraukeller beer house

    Planning the march.
    Kahr and general Lossow want to put end of Hitler, they call off the rebellion, but unfortunately they failed because Hitler barged in and make them march
  • Burgerbraukeller Beer House, Munich

    3.19AM- The beggining of german revolution (Hitler- Kahr- General Lossow)
    6.31AM-They took over the streets (march)
    Hitler was arrested because the police were already there.
  • Circus Krone, Munich, Germany

    He gave his speech anout destroying the Jews infront of many people
  • Germany

    Hitler was trialed, he say that he is guilty
    He was sentenced five years of prison