Mother teresa

MOTHER TERESA by Teresa and Jadee

  • Born

    Mother Teresa was born in Albania.( Her real name was Agnes Bejayhiu.)
  • Period: to


  • School

    She went to a public school.
  • Nun School

    She went to a nun school and chose her name as sister Teresa.
  • Quit

    She quit being a nun and went to another city and studied health care.
  • poor people

    She worked with poor people on the road because no one wanted them.
  • home

    Mother Teresa opened a home for the destitute and dying.
  • children's home

    children's home
    Mother Teresa and her nuns opened a children’s home[called Shishu Bavan.]
  • lepers

    Mother Teresa opened a home for lepers in India.
  • Noble Peace

    Noble Peace
    She got the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Died

    Mother Teresa died on Sep 5,1997