Money for nothing

Money For Nothing

By Oat
  • First Job

    First Job
    Edward first job was a short-order cook at Oregon bar. After working there for a while the owner, Marty, gave Edward a bartending job. Than that's when he started to getting into poker machines, Edward spent a lot of time playing video poker machine. He spend four years playing poker machines in Oregon, afer that he was a mess, and absolute diasater, he even try to avoid many of his friends. the onnly thing that could make Edward happy was playing video poker.
  • At 19.

    At 19.
    It was the first time in Atlantic City. Edward, a gambler since the age of 19, tells a sordid tale of gambling addiction. He could not stop playing video poker, it was the only thing that could make Edward happy. Edward doesn't want to be seen in public by any of his friends.
  • Can You Hear Me In the Back?

    Can You Hear Me In the Back?
    One of the five siblings, smack in the middle. Grew up surrounded by characters, fighting for air time, desperate to tell my stories before one of them cut in the change the subject.
  • Go West, My Son

    Go West, My Son
    Edward talks about the girl he ran with the same crowd in college, Lisa. They only have two things in common: cigarettes and our mutual diadain for one another.
  • The Firm

    The Firm
    After recieving a called from a friend of a friend. Edward met up with Julie at a new restaurant that has just opened in town. The manthat he met that night made such a good impact on Edward, he had met his mentor. The man that would allow Edward ti make several million doalars over the next handful of years.
  • Itimidating Kid, Walking into The Firm

    Itimidating Kid, Walking into The Firm
    After the meeting with Ethan and Julie, Ed met Ben, Ben looked like a cocky, intimidating kid. Edward has never really work in an office job, the first only office job was when he was working with his dad in the summer. Walking into the Firm for the first time was excruciatingly intimidating. Edward spend his first week training one-on-one with Ben.
  • Tommy Holmes

    Tommy Holmes
    It was the second day working at the "the Firm" when Edward recieved a call from a client in Southeast Florida after having a few beers at the bar. Edward only has been on the phone for less than it takes to order throught a drive-thru and he already know everything about his client. Edward tell lies to his client how coincidence it is that he is going to Florida for another meeting but really there is not meeting. Edward set up the appointment with this client from Florida.
  • Out in the Seas

    Out in the Seas
    After meeting with Tommy at the airport. Tommy took Edward out fishing in the sea 2-3 miles out from the coast where they till be talking about the 'contract'. Never tell a customer that you are getting on a plane and fly out to buy their contracts because you are going to scare the hell out of him. after a while Edward will get Tommy to signed the contract but Tommy will be dissapointed when he does the math.
  • Two weeks after signing Tommy's deal.

    Two weeks after signing Tommy's deal.
    Two weeks later, once Edward flew back to Florida, all hell broke lose on Tommy's deal. Ben decided to sit on the file rather then fund it right away. The reason why is because Ben wanted to wait and see if he could sign Tommy's friend to identical deal, which would have double their fee.
  • Lesson

    Teaches how to deal with pressure, and how to improve your task management skills in no time. Provides find insights into how loterry commissions say they are really "helping eduaction", but rather make large profits that tend to squeeze kids out of recieving additional funding at their schools.
  • The History of Gambling.

    The History of Gambling.
    Explore the history of gambling, and how it became so intertwined with politics, as there's a lot more lobbying than I had previously realized. Also an interesting look on what happens to those who became instantly rich, and how corrupt the system is. Describes how the "limp sum" industry feeds on these winners.
  • Side Effects

    Side Effects
    Money can have drug like side effects to those who gain money in an instant. It's like when you keep winning you just keep doing it until you realize that you have loss all your money. Then even so, you would want to keep playing until you couldn't stop and realize that you're a absolute mess.
  • State Lottery

    State Lottery
    State lotteries spent nearly $466 million in advertising. beyond advertising dollars, lotteries seek to increase the number of uses through product innovation. Today's lotteries are introducing new, more addicitve, more interactive, more "casino like" games.
  • At th age of 26

    At th age of 26
    At the age twenty-six, Edward Ugel found himself broke, kneedeep in gambling debt and moving back into his parents' basement. Soon after, a call that change his life, Julie, a friend of a friend called and ask Edward if he want a job. Then he would be working with the guy name Ethan for the next seven years.
  • Money for Nothing

    Money for Nothing
    Money for Nothing, One man's journey through the dark side of Lottery millions was published by HarperCollins Publishers. In his wry and funny memoir , Edward' tells the story of American's addiction to the lottery from an antonishing angle. This book uis interesting look on what happens to those who became instantly rich, and how corrupt the system's is.